Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 12 Spotlight

Well, folks. It is close to the end of fantasy season and the Stomach Staples are still training the Cleaning Crew by a pretty sizable margin.
QB- Graham Harrell- You can't fault his numbers, he can just never put up enough points to win. Tech can pretty much score on everyone and Harrell is always going to get his yards and TDs. OU wont let him go for 700 yards, but you can count on at least 350 passing yards for Harrell.

QB- Sam Bradford- OU is playing Tech. Did you see Tech's defense last week (and this entire season)? They can't cover receivers or tackle. That is usually helpful for an offense. Bradford will have a big day.

RB- DeMarco Murray- This follows the same argument as all my Oklahoma player picks. They are playing Texas Tech. Last week, Jamaal Charles had 165 yards rushing in the first half against Tech. Murray is going to see a lot of open field.

RB- Darren McFadden- He is nothing short of the best RB in the nation. McFadden has racked up some unreal number this year including almost 500 yards rushing the last 2 weeks. There has been no team that can really stop him this year, so what are the chances Mississippi State is going to do it?

WR- Henry Douglas- Lousiville may be one of the biggest disappointing teams this year. But that mainly rests on their defense. The offense has still been high powered and Douglas has been the main recipient of Brian Brohm's passing.

WR- Mario Manningham- No matter if Mallet or Henne is at QB, Mario is going to be the go-to guy. He has really stepped up his play this year while Michigan have been forced to rotate quarterbacks either from injury of lack of production.

O- Oklahoma- The Sooners are playing Texas Tech. Do I really need to elaborate?

D- Florida State- The Florida State defense has really been the only part of this team that has performed decently this year. Maryland has been hit and miss on offense this year. Sometimes they look terrible, sometimes they hang 45 on BC. Let's hope the 'Noles bring it.

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