Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rumors Are Fun...

Oh those wild coaching carousel rumors... how we all love them.

Greg Davis to SMU??

This one, however, would rock the collective Texas Football world. I would say about 70% of fans would be jumping for joy, while the more football savvy fans would realize that Texas really did lose a great assistant coach. Even if he wasn't the offensive coordinator, Greg Davis is valuable asset as maybe one of the top QB coaches in the nation. Just look at his pedigrees: Major Applewhite, Chris Simms, Chance Mock, Vince Young, Colt McCoy. There has been ZERO drop off in QB play.

But when there is a loss, to Texas fans, there is but one reason: It has to be Greg Davis. I cannot even fathom the amount to hatred that has been tossed at this man. And for what? The top 6 scoring seasons in Texas history? The top 8 passing seasons in Texas history? Molding Vince Young into one of the greatest players in NCAA history?

Yeah, there are frustrating times, but there are with any coach. If you talk to a fan bases, they can probably point out 40 offensive plays they would have run differently that the person being paid to do it. I mean, they score 60 points a game in NCAA '08! They HAVE to know what they are doing. They even had it on Heisman Level!

Long story short, there is a reason that Mack has held on to this guy for so long. He does a good job. Texas will miss him if he goes. The fans just don't know it yet.

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