Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Cool. See Ya Next Year! Stay Sweet!"

From the files of: "Oh, ok. Hadn't crossed my mind. But I am glad you are gonna still be here anyways." Jamaal Charles has announced that he will return for his senior season at Texas. I mean Charles has been amazing of late and he has all kinds of talent, but he is not one that most would have worried that he was going to the NFL early. But hey, having Jamaal, Vondrell and Ogbonnaya in the backfield for another season will be fun.

Charles staying put

In other news, I am announcing that I will be staying for dinner tonight. I will not leave early to get a jump start on breakfast for tomorrow. I talked it over with my parents and my nutritionist and we all feel that it is my best interest to not forgo my final meal of the day. While I know breakfast will always be there, there is always a risk of eating too much at dinner and not making as big an impact in breakfast as I would have. But I know I will have a successful breakfast no matter what, so one more meal will only help me in the long run.

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