Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baylor Bears 'Sic Guy Morriss

The Baylor Bears have officially shown Guy Morriss the exit. It's not like anyone did not see the writing on the wall. In his five years as coach, Baylor has posted an 18-40 record and a 7-33 Big 12 record. This season the Bears are winless in conference play.


But, is Baylor even a job worth taking? What do fans expect from the Bears? Honestly, Morriss has at least made playing Baylor a harder win than they used to be. They may have a had a down year, but is bringing in a new coach really going to make Baylor a powerhouse or a attractive spot for recruits? The Bears aren't even competing with the Texas' and A&M's of the world. They usually fight for prospects with TCU, SMU and the like.

But I don't see that changing fast. The best thing Baylor can do is change it's schedule, not its coach. The best thing they can do is schedule four cupcakes in preseason play and if they can pull out just 2 conference wins, they can be bowl eligible. Baylor need not have delusions of grandeur of sustained success. But then again, who thought Kansas would be #2 in the nation after going 11-29 in conference play from 2002-2006?

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