Thursday, November 15, 2007

Previewing the Weekend: Kentucky v. Georgia

With Texas enjoying its first bye week of the season, we turn our attention to other matchups of note this Saturday that can have an effect on the Longhorns outside chance at a BCS bid.

Kentucky Strengths: For the Wildcats, its their offense. Andre Woodson has emerged on to the scene as a quarterback that can play on the big stage and lead his team to victory. Woodson's offense has put up almost 40 points a game this season, including 43 and 47 against LSU and Florida, respectively. Only twice this year has Kentucky put up less than 27 points.

Kentucky Weaknesses: Defense. Kentucky is 11 of 12 in total defense in the SEC, giving up almost 30 points a game. That is not a good sign when Georgia has been on fire as an offense. They are going to have to deal with Matt Stafford who is beginning to live up to the hype re received out of high school. It may be long game for the Kentucky secondary.

Georgia Strengths: Figuring out ways to excite their team. Whether is be Black jerseys or a full team celebration in the endzone, Mark Richt has pulled out all the stops to get his team pumped to go out and win. There is just no telling what tricks he might be pulling out of his inspirational gimmick bag.

Georgia Weaknesses: They don't have a glaring weakeness, but in the past 3 games the Bulldogs have given up 30, 34 and 20 points. And, oh by the way, that 34 was to Troy. Georgia just needs to be more consistent. They have all the pieces to make a run at the SEC, but their defense needs to come play every Saturday. That is especially true this week as Kentucky brings in a high powered offense.

What Will Happen: Kentucky and Georgia have seemingly taken opposite routes to this game. Kentucky exploded out of the gate and made a run at a Top 5 ranking before losing 3 of their last 5. Georgia, on the other hand, has won 4 straight and is one of the hottest teams in America. The Bulldogs are coming off an 25 beating of a ranked Auburn team. Georgia's offense can keep up with anything the Wildcats can do. But the difference is that Georgia's defense is going to come up with the stops that Kentucky's will not. Predicted Score: UGA 42 Kentucky 33.

What this means for Texas: It would be helpful to Texas' BCS chances if Kentucky could pull this out. Georgia is hot right now and climbing in the rankings. If they win out (even if they don't win the SEC) they could be in a prime spot for a BCS berth. Texas needs teams that are not going to win their conference to lose. The less teams they have to compete with for an at-large bid, the better. Go Cats!

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