Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big XII Hates a Conspiracy

In Monday's press conference with the media, Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach stood by his innane babbling about the referees disallowing two third quarter touchdowns, because of the Austin lake front property owned by one of the members of the officiating crew. Which, frankly, who can blame him, I hate those people with lake front property.

While he felt like much of his comments were taken out of context, he thought the overall message was in fact, correct. Mainly, the officiating disallowing Texas Tech touchdowns. On Monday, Leach wanted to address the comments that he made, emphasizing that he wasn't talking about officiating.

While Leach didn't go as far as to say he wished there wasn't replay, he did say, "How we do instant replay maybe ought to be looked at, maybe other systems looked at." Obviously Leach is in favor of that new version of replay, the one that doesn't get the calls right, but instead favors the team with the Coach that is a bigger alcoholic.

Leach didn't comment much more on Monday, saying that, "I'd almost need an attorney to figure out whether I'm supposed to answer that or not." It was a good decision, because Leach's law degree from Pepperdine obviously doesn't cut it these days. While the situation has been embarrasing for Leach, it is being used by the Tech players as a rallying cry. Tech linebacker Brian Duncan was particularly touched, saying, ""If we got a coach like that, that's somebody we can go to war for. It feels real good." Duncan qualified his statements that Tech's defense would be going to war next week, and planned to hold Oklahoma under 50 points.

Whether it was a tactic to rally the troops and prevent Brian Duncan from realizing that the real problem is he, and his 10 closet friends can't tackle, or whether Leach truly believes that the referees getting two calls correct was the reason he lost, the Big XII today declared that they don't like conspiracy theorists.

To prevent further conspiracy theorists from following suit, the Big XII handed down their largest fine ever in the history of the league, $10,000. The Big XII said $5,000 was for the commentary on officiating, while $5,000 was for being the stupidest arguement they had ever heard.

While Leach wouldn't comment on whether other conference coaches had contacted him since the game, we're pretty sure that Mark Mangino and Jeff Tedford picked up the phone to empathize about how they too, have been wronged by the Burnt Orange.

Leach's Monday Presser

Leach's Big XII Fine

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