Friday, November 30, 2007

Uromisitisis??? Not for Bill Walker!

Well, he did it. Bill Walker, of Kansas State, has officially PEED ON THE COURT, during a basketball game. You might remember Mr. Walker from being the guy who ate popcorn on the bench, last year, during a game.

OK, so most guys I know, do not even like for another guy to stand next to them at a stall when they pee. Clearly, Walker has no problem doing his business in front of several thousand people. But it is nice to see that not only is Bill Walker going to parlay his college basketball career into an NBA job, but he has also managed to make college basketball a spectator sport, since he is eating and peeing on the bench and all. So, in honor of Mr. Walker, here is a funny Pee Video:

UPDATE: There is video of the peeing. Just watch the bottom left corner

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