Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Ignore the Band Nerds

The Rice band has always been a favorite among fans wherever they travel, not so much for their musicianship as it is for their witty and creative performances. I enjoyed their Nano Bertha performance a few years ago at Texas and their prison themed performance this year was a bit painfully humorous, and have had noted performances at several different places.

However, their performances are even more note worthy when they can manage to have the opposing team file a complaint with the league, which Tulsa was kind enough to oblige with. The Rice band’s performance of “Todd Graham’s Inferno” apparently did not impress the Golden Hurricanes, honoring the former Rice coach who left the Owls after one season for Tulsa.

The performance searched for Coach Graham in the different circles of hell, making reference to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

While I’m sure the show was enjoyable, it is so much more worth it, now that Tulsa has filed a complaint. Oh doesn’t Bubba Cunningham (Tulsa’s AD) know? Band nerds are like your older sibling. They are only going to keep picking on you if you give them a reaction.


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