Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black People Are Mad at A&M...

So, not everyone seems to be pleased with the Aggie hiring of Mike Sherman; namely, black people. And who can blame them? I mean, Mike Sherman is like the exact opposite of black (some may say "white"). But honestly, why would any black coach want to be subjected to coaching at A&M and in College Station? I mean, it's only made up of 98% white, suburban, conservatives. I am pretty sure their idea of "Hip Hop" is Charlie Pride. Sounds Fun!

Minorities Clamoring to Go To College Station

I make light, but don't get me wrong, the article brings up some good and important points. I mean schools always say they want "experience" but how are you supposed to get that if you can't get your FIRST job? (sounds like my attorney job search right now). Anyway, it's a good discussion topic with no real "right" answer But it does seem like job hirings need to look a little more transparent than they currently do. It's just a little hard to get past the "Good 'ol boy" perception.


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