Monday, November 5, 2007

Hold the Phone! Fran Not Accepting Reality

There is a new press release that one can only assume came from Fran, who has locked himself in his office, with the lights out, huddled in a corner, stroking his putter for protection. Anyway, Fran is denying the fact that he has been fired.

I'm Not Leaving!

I can imagine Fran's firing went something like this:

Byrne: Ok, Fran, we need to talk. We have decided to fire you.
Fran: No you didn't.
Byrne: Um. Yes, we did actually.
Fran: You can't do that. [mouth full of little debbies]
Byrne: No, Fran. I can fire you.
Fran: No you can't!
Byrne: Fran, I am the athletic director. My position is over yours.
Fran: Thats what she said! [giggles]
Byrne: [sigh...]

Why do I have a feeling that this is going to play out exactly like Milton's firing in "Office Space" where they just had to stop sending him checks and moved his office to the basement, so eventually he would figure out that he was fired?

"Have you seen my headset?"

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