Thursday, April 5, 2007

Houston's a Nutt

The Arkansas football program is a mess. And it all begins with Houston Nutt. I've never liked the guy much and this just reinforces it. From basically forcing Gus Malzahn out as O-Coordinator, to allowing a booster/family friend send a bashing email to his starting QB, the shady text messages to a woman who is not his wife at shady times (i.e. when his wife was attending her mother's funeral in Oklahoma), and the denying to the public that he was interested in other jobs while at the same time he was discussing said jobs.... I never thought he was a guy I could trust with much, let alone a traditionally strong football powerhouse.

So he claims he was going to bring in David Lee as co-coordinator with Malzahn if Alex Wood left to take a job at like North Carolina or something, and that he told Malzahn this shortly after their bowl game. To shorten it all, Nutt had been in major contact with Lee starting after Thanksgiving through the time of his hiring announcement, and Alex Wood did obviously NOT leave to take a different job & is still employed in his same role at UA. In his post season press conference, Nutt says they would be working on getting some better contracts for the staff, specifically Malzahn and DC Reggie Herring. Herring got his new contract. Malzahn? He's gone, replaced quickly the day after he left. Whether or not the intention really was to have Co-Offensive Coordinators or Nutt was really pushing Malzahn out is still up for questioning.....

Secondly - Teresa Prewett. In my opinion, this woman is way too involved in UA football. I know big boosters get certain in's with players and staff, but if I'm a head football coach, I'm watching over every move a booster makes involving my players. The infamous email she sent to Mitch Mustain after the season went a month with no response from anyone at UA, even though it was proven to be forward to running backs coach Danny Nutt, the wife of Reggie Herring, the wife Houston's other brother Dickey (Head bball coach at Ark. St.), and an email account registered to Houston's family, admittedly used by his wife Diana. Nutt claimed to have no knowledge of said email until brought to his attention by Chancellor White a month after it originated. Ummmm NO. There is no way Nutt did not know about this email. Both his brothers and his wife knew about it? He in fact had at least 7 text messages to Teresa Prewett the day she originally sent the email? Ok, the guy knew. He let his starting QB get berated by a booster. So after a month, after Mustain's mom contacted the Chancellor after no action by Nutt, Nutt sends a reprimanding email to Prewett, requires her to send an apology to Mustain, bans her from getting any more sideline passes at the games and only now bans her from any contact with any of the players. Shortly after, Mustain transfers. One can't help but think this reinforced his decision to leave. Nutt wasn't watching out for the kid's back. I think that as a college football coach - that should be first priority.
Excerpts from Prewett-to-Mustain email, with an opening salutation of "Hello Mr. Interception King:":
"Please transfer. All you’ve been since you walked onto campus is a cancer, and your mother is no exception."
" know, the interview where you had on those glasses that made you look like a fag? I’m sure you remember. Anyhow, everyone in that room started laughing, calling you the dork. Why is it that you came to Arkansas again? Was it so your mommie could be close by to change your diaper, or was it because you thought having your lover Gus on the sideline would make playing in the SEC easier?"
"Did I mention that I want you to transfer? Helen Keller could read defenses in the SEC better than you."
And for a little Horns tie-in:
"The next time you think you and your girls are bigger than any one program – you better think again. I would love for you to be able to have a lengthy conversation with Chris Simms... he arrived on campus his freshman year in a limo thinking he was the next All Everything, was a smart ass to his coaches, was selfish, pouty, and the prime example of what a “team” player is not."
and also several times calls him "little boy". Unbelievable that Nutt let this go.

I've had enough Nutt for one day.... maybe I'll come back another time and look at Houston and his "no I'm not interested in Miami" BS and the 2000 text messages over a span of 3 months between he & a woman who is not his wife.... To sum up, I'm glad there's nothing going on like this at Texas (well, at least that I know of... you never know... )


Anonymous said...

Houston Nutt was trying to get even with what Mitch Mustain said about him in the book "Year of the Dog".
I believe that he and his brother Danny gave Teresa Prewett
permission to send the nasty e-mail to Mitch Mustain - there were
text messages and phone calls made to her before she sent the email to Mitch Mustain, and to Wally Hall the sports editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette critical of Arkansas offensitive coordinator Gus Malzahn and the Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain.
If this lawsuit comes to trial it will prove their guilt by a
subpoenas for their hard drives.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are well read on the situation but I'm afraid you've read far too much propaganda to get an accurate read on the situation. Honestly, I don't have much time to help you out but I'd do a little more research.

Anonymous said...

"Seems like you are well read on the situation but I'm afraid you've read far too much propaganda to get an accurate read on the situation. Honestly, I don't have much time to help you out but I'd do a little more research."

Thanks for the response, Coach Nutt. Now, for the love of God, PLEASE RESIGN!!!!