Friday, April 13, 2007

The Big XII Response: Missouri

With Kevin Durant's announcement, fans across the Forty Acres have been forced to imagine a world without Kevin Durant. Well, a campus without Kevin Durant. While anyone and everyone with an opinion has chimed in with their thoughts on Kevin's decision, Drinking the Forty not withstanding, we wondered what our neighbors around the Big XII felt on Durant's departure and what it means for their chances in the Big XII next season. So we contacted our correspondents around the Big XII...okay we tried to make new friends around the Big XII, and asked for their input. So over the next few weeks we will feature, the Big XII Response. Today's correspondent comes from the fine folks at the Tiger Board.

Kevin Durant leaving for the NBA is obviously a loss for the Big 12 Conference. Durant was a marquee player who drew a lot of attention from the national media to the Big 12 and that is never a bad thing. For the Missouri Tigers, the loss of Durant means the Tigers will have a better shot at knocking off the Longhorns next year. It will be hard for the Horns to replace that kind of scoring and that kind of defense.

I don't expect the Tigers to be significantly better next year, but an NCAA appearance is not out of the question. Had the Tigers been able to win a couple more conference games this year, I think they would have been selected. I think a 2-3 game improvement is definitely within the Tigers' grasp.

**Yes, this idea was taken from Deadspin. They're good at what they do. Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

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