Monday, April 16, 2007

Big XII Response: Iowa State

With Kevin Durant's announcement, fans across the Forty Acres have been forced to imagine a world without Kevin Durant. Well, a campus without Kevin Durant. While anyone and everyone with an opinion has chimed in with their thoughts on Kevin's decision, Drinking the Forty not withstanding, we wondered what our neighbors around the Big XII felt on Durant's departure and what it means for their chances in the Big XII next season. So we contacted our correspondents around the Big XII...okay we tried to make new friends around the Big XII, and asked for their input. So over the next few weeks we will feature, the Big XII Response. Today's correspondent comes from the fine folks at CrossCyed.

Kevin Durant was simply the best player in college basketball. It's funny though, because I thought ISU dealt him one of his worst games of the year by assigning a 4-year walkon in Chris Ceasar to guard him. I kept saying before we played Texas "thank God we only have to play him once." He was going to get even more dangerous if he stuck around, so I'm glad he;s gone. Of course, it hurts the conference to lose a player of his stature, but it's good for the conference too, showing we can get these guys. I don't really think Durant leaving will have a huge impact on Iowa State. We'll be middle of the road anyways. We keep losing players, but we have a five star recruit in Craig Brackins coming in, as well as a rather slick PG in Diante Garrett. ISU will once again have a wait and see kind of year.

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