Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Even if she spends 20+ seasons at Texas I still won't be able to pronounce her name...

I mean, what is it? Goes-ten-coors? As in she can go ten Coors deep at the bar after the game?

ESPN is reporting that Goestenkors is coming to Texas. Looks like money can buy you happiness. No matter how successful of a program she's built up at Duke, even with students holding a rally for her to stay (which by the way, would never happen at UT..... just one of the things she'll come to find), a doubling of your salary will make any salivate. Granted, I'd make the move just to replace Durham with Austin - am I right or am I right people? I am definitely right on this one - unlike that post I wrote about putting my money on Mulkey to come to Texas - but then again I did go back and say I'd HOPED it would be Goestenkors instead. (I still place money on Mulkey leaving Baylor - LSU anyone?) So now begins a new coaching era in Texas women's basketball. She comes in to a program with high expectations, now probably even higher that they've swooned such a successful coach. The women's basketball support system may be smaller than some other support systems within the department (uh, duh), but they're a feisty little group. If she doesn't have us deep into the tournament by next year, I can already hear the calls for Polonsky's head for making a mistake - but that would be the case no matter who was replacing Jody. They may be loyal, but they don't deal well with disappointment.

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