Friday, April 27, 2007

Draft Profile: Tim Crowder

The NFL Draft is this weekend, where the future hopes and dreams of young men will be determined. The draft has become a giant event, thanks to the marketing machine that is the NFL. There already is around the clock coverage with projections, analysis, and of course, upside. While Chris Berman will let you know what will happen seconds before it actually does, we figure we should get you ready for what you will see. So you're prepared for, well, for the upside.

As a four year starter, Tim Crowder emerged as a freshman and continued to be the face of the Texas defensive line for four years. However, after such great success early, Crowder never really became the player that many expected. While Crowder is a star and has produced all four years at Texas, he never became that top defensive end in the country that so many thought he was capable.

Crowder projects as a solid defensive end at the next level. He is a player that is very well rounded and would be well suited in a defensive line rotation. He has decent size and strength and as tons of experience against top college talent. He's athletic and productive and has good technique. He will be a solid addition for any team. Though he will not be a great addition. He's sometim
es inconsistent with his production and getting off of blocks and doesn't excel in any area.

Crowder should be taken in the late 2nd round or early 3rd round as one of the top 10 defensive ends in the draft. One positive from Crowder is that he will come into camp with a chance to play early as he is a very polished prospect. He is a well rounded prospect that does everything well which should allow him to have a solid career as a professional.

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