Friday, April 27, 2007

Draft Profile: Romance Taylor

The NFL Draft is this weekend, where the future hopes and dreams of young men will be determined. The draft has become a giant event, thanks to the marketing machine that is the NFL. There already is around the clock coverage with projections, analysis, and of course, upside. While Chris Berman will let you know what will happen seconds before it actually does, we figure we should get you ready for what you will see. So you're prepared for, well, for the upside.

The way to succeed in this business is to learn from those around you and copy their methods of success. This must be what we were doing with Ramonce Taylor. In the mold of Ohio State and Maurice Clarett, Texas sold a tiny piece of its soul for success through Taylor. However, Taylor will always hold a special place in our hearts for his amazing talent and success he experienced at Texas. And will never be considered a Texas College product.

Taylor has the chance to be an explosive specialist at the next level. He has Reggie Bush type athleticism and moves and has great top end speed. A 4.5 forty, seems a bit slow for him, which makes you wonder what kind of shape and whether being away for a year has affected him at all. Taylor has the chance to be a great return man and a very good situational back. But Taylor only has his sophomore season at Texas to showcase his talent and ability, which will hurt his chances. He will likely have to prove himself all over again at the next level, but his talent and athletic ability will entice teams.

The biggest question mark surrounding Taylor is the off-field issues that got him booted off the team and eventually led to his departure from the University. A player as talented as Taylor, has some serious issues, and it most likely wasn't his first transgression for Texas to give up on him. With the NFL cracking down on conduct, teams will be very weary to give him a chance. But I'm sure Taylor has been in constant contact with the Bengals and Chargers.

Look for a team to take a chance on Taylor in the late rounds, most likely the 7th. He is too talented a back with too much upside to not take a chance on him through the preseason to see if he can perform and stay out of trouble. The question will always be maturity with Taylor, but if he can make the transition he can be a Dante Hall type explosive specialist.


Anonymous said...

what happened to romance taylor? Is he working at walmart now?

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

BELTON — Former Longhorn running back Ramonce Taylor will serve five months in jail for violating probation after his recent arrest on a marijuana possession charge.

Taylor, who last played for Texas on its 2005 national championship team, was first arrested in May 2006 and pleaded guilty to possession of 4 ounces to 5 pounds of marijuana.

After another arrest two weeks ago, state District Judge Martha Trudo revoked Taylor's probation Thursday, sentencing him to two years in jail. She then suspended the sentence for five years under a process called "shock probation," sending Taylor to jail for five months. He will remain on probation after his release.

Taylor's lawyer, Bucky Harris, argued that the best way for Taylor to overcome his problems was through hard work and another chance to play professional football. Taylor told the judge that he recently had a workout with the Kansas City Chiefs and "they are thinking about signing me (as a special teams player)."

Since he left Texas, Taylor has continued to have legal problems with multiple probation violations, including two positive drug tests, failure to report to his probation officer, criminal trespassing and entering a nightclub where alcohol is served.