Friday, April 27, 2007

Draft Profile: Lyle Sendlein

The NFL Draft is this weekend, where the future hopes and dreams of young men will be determined. The draft has become a giant event, thanks to the marketing machine that is the NFL. There already is around the clock coverage with projections, analysis, and of course, upside. While Chris Berman will let you know what will happen seconds before it actually does, we figure we should get you ready for what you will see. So you're prepared for, well, for the upside.

As the captain of the offensive line for the past two years, Lyle Sendlein has had a productive career for the Longhorns. He has been a leader for the Horns and has run a successful unit for the past two seasons. Sendlein comes from great NFL bloodlines as his father was a former NFL player, and his game is an old school style.

Sendlein has good size and a big frame. In the old school style he has a tough and nasty mentality and is a fighter in the trenches. He has shown good intelligence and recognition in running an offensive unit. Much like fellow lineman Kasey Studdard, Lyle has limited upside, and for the most part is a polished player that has peaked. While he needs to get stronger, he is not very athletic and mobile and struggles in space as a blocker.

Ranked at the #13 center by Sendlein isn't likely to get drafted, unless it is late in day 2. However, coming from a major university and as polished as a prospect as Sendlein is, with some NFL bloodlines, he should be invited into camp by a team. If he catches on, he should be able to stick around the NFL as a smart, aggressive, tough player.

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