Friday, April 27, 2007

Draft Profile: Kasey Studdard

The NFL Draft is this weekend, where the future hopes and dreams of young men will be determined. The draft has become a giant event, thanks to the marketing machine that is the NFL. There already is around the clock coverage with projections, analysis, and of course, upside. While Chris Berman will let you know what will happen seconds before it actually does, we figure we should get you ready for what you will see. So you're prepared for, well, for the upside.

During the Mack Brown era, Texas has become known for among other things big powerful offensive lineman. This year is no different as Texas features three lineman in this draft. As a three year starter at guard, Kasey Studdard has been a consistent staple of the Texas offensive line. While he is a better run blocker than pass blocker, Studdard has been a star for the Horns line.

Studdard should be able to make a solid NFL career as a backup and spot starter at guard. He is technically sound and is a very old school type blocker. He is strong and powerful and has good size at 6'2" and 307 lbs. He has a mean streak and is an extremely hard worker. He has good experience from Texas and has good bloodlines as his father is a former NFL player. With Studdard you know what you're getting, as he is pretty much reached his ceiling for potential. He will be consistent, reliable, and durable, but is not very athletic and struggles with his mobility.

Studdard ranks as the 14th best guard by and should be a late round pick or an undrafted free agent. It is more likely that he will be an undrafted free agent given his lack of upside, as most teams will opt for someone with a higher ceiling. However, this should allow Studdard to find his best fit to make a roster and will come in more advanced than other rookies and should be able to make a roster out of camp.

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