Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big XII Response: Kansas State

With Kevin Durant's announcement, fans across the Forty Acres have been forced to imagine a world without Kevin Durant. Well, a campus without Kevin Durant. While anyone and everyone with an opinion has chimed in with their thoughts on Kevin's decision, Drinking the Forty not withstanding, we wondered what our neighbors around the Big XII felt on Durant's departure and what it means for their chances in the Big XII next season. So we contacted our correspondents around the Big XII...okay we tried to make new friends around the Big XII, and asked for their input. So over the next few weeks we will feature, the Big XII Response. Today's correspondent comes from the fine folks at KStateFootball.com.

No surprise in these quarters regarding Kevin Durant jumping to the NBA, my only surpise is that he bothered to stop by the Big 12 at all. A marvelous talent and a joy to watch the one year he graced the hardwoods in our neck of the woods. Austin is a great city with some fascinating people, especially if you're a college student, but a scholarship stipend will never compete with New York and Los Angeles on an NBA salary.

Kansas State's fortune in 2007 rests with that of Martin and Hill and their ability to keep together as much as possible of the '07 recruited class. If Michael Beasley & Co. remain intact the 'Cats will be competitive with their cross-state rival for the first time in two decades. Beasley and Billy Walker would be the best front court in the conference, as good as any in the nation. But a lot of "ifs" this far out.


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