Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 9 Spotlight

Pure and simple, the Staples need a big, big week to get back in this race. Week 8 was painful and may have cost Weis and squad the year's title. I think we need a Lou Holtz pep talk. In this case, it is from "Zombie" Lou Holtz...
"Raarrr! Me need fantasy points!"

QB- Tim Tebow- Tebow may be the Heisman front runner at this point and he may be closing in on Vince Young's record of 3000 passing yards and 1000 rushing yards in a year. He already has over 1700 passing yards and 500 on the ground. Lets face it, Georgia is not going to stop him.

QB- Pat White- The Mountaineers are, for some reason, flying a little below the radar this year, but White is still leading a top 10 team. White is another dual threat QB. He has 500 rushing yards to go along with 1000 through the air. Rutgers has a decent D, but not today.

RB- Justin Forsett- Cal's back is a bit overshadowed by Nate Longshore and DeSean Jackson. But this back leads the Pac 10 in rushing TDs. Arizona St has a weak defense and Cal will look to pound them on the ground to keep it away from Rudy Carpenter.

RB- Javorski Lane- Lane leads the NCAA in rushing TDs and has really taken over as featured back from Michael Goodson. A&M may not win, but you know the big guy is going to punch in 2 touches.

WR- Percy Harvin- This is Tebow & Florida's go-to weapon. Harvin runs, catches and scores TDs. The chances that Harvin doesn't touch the ball at least 20 times are very low. He will dice up the Georgia defense.

WR- DeSean Jackson- Jackson is the big play maker on a big play team. Cal looks to dice up the Arizona State defense through the ground and air. Jackson is a favorite target of Longshore and will take advantage of the Sun Devil secondary.

O- California- Cal will need to score 40 points to beat Arizona State. Luckily, they will put up 45 (and a lot of yards). This is going to be a shootout game, and the Bears will out-gun the Devils..

D- Clemson- The Tigers are playing Maryland. Maryland has always been a middle of the road team with a middle of the road offense. That is not going to change. Clemson will clamp down and shut down the Terrapins like every other defense that faces Maryland in a big game.

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