Monday, October 8, 2007

10 Points on Oklahoma

1. Texas played much better than anyone expected, but a loss is a loss. While most were prepping themselves for a blowout, Texas made it close and actually should have won the game. Other than a few big mistakes, Texas was better than OU all day.

2. Jamaal Charles should not get too many more touches in the red zone. This was really the turning point. Texas took the opening 2nd half drive down to the 5 and then, on a play he should have scored on, Charles fumbled at the 2 yard line. It wasn't even a great defensive play. He just didn't protect the ball. Texas could have been up 21-14 with the "Big Mo." Instead OU was able to stay in the game and eventually win.

3. Get the ball to Jermichael Finley. Now! This was J Mike's big coming out. Everyone knew he had great ability, but honestly, Finley could easy end up being the best TE to come through Texas.

4. Why haven't we gotten the ball to Jermichael more? It seems the only thing keeping Finley from dominance is the lack of balls thrown his way. He only gets 3-4 thrown his way most games, and that needs to change fast. Texas just seems to forget he is there. 4 catches for 149 yards.... All in the 1st half....

5. Colt played a huge game and answered the questions about his decision making and toughness. He played a great game, with only one mistake all day. It was a big one, in that Texas was on its way to another score, but that ball maybe should have been caught by Charles.

6. If it hasn't already been clear thus far, Robert Killebrew and Scott Derry do not belong on the football field. Kill logged 1 tackle and is never in on any plays. The part that bugs me the most is that I think he coaches are fooled by Killebrew because he is alwasy pile jumping and then celebrating the most, as if he actually made the play. That really bugs be. Derry just looked out of place in a game full of good players. Missed tackles and a lack of ability to cover a TE means Derry should be out.

7. On the same note, Jared Norton is the real deal. That is a man (though he is not yet 40...). He is all over the field making plays. Even when he is not logging tackles he is in the backfield or disturbing the play somehow. He saw a lot more playing time, but still not enough.

8. The defense actually looked good with Kindle and Orakpo back in the mix. Orakpo had a sack and 2 TFL and, along with Frank Okam was blowing up the OU line. The only problem was that the linebackers weren't able to step up and make those tackles after the line did such a good job. The D gave up a few big plays to Malcolm Kelly and one huge play to DeMarco Murray, and other than a few times that Bradford wasn't pressured, they played admirably.

9. Limas needs to start catching ball. I know his wrist is injured, but if that is preventing him from making plays, maybe he needs to sit. He dropped a pass on the opening drive (more like a fumble) and he couldn't come down with a few jump balls that he routinely caught last year. He just doesn't seem to have that big play ability this year. He just doesn't go and get the past like he used to.

10. While Texas lost, they are backed into a corner and had any BCS hopes dashed, the Longhorns played well enough to win against a legitimate top 10 team. The only problem is Texas is used to being a top 10 team, not being happy they played hard against them. However, the season isn't lost. With a lot of help they still have a distant shot at the Big 12 South. And with the way this year has played out, anything is possible. Up next are Iowa State and Baylor, which should put Texas at 6-2 and 2-2 in the Big 12. Hopefully Texas can build on the things they did right and the coaches can make the correct personnel decisions to keep this team in contention.

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