Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Limas Sweed's Career at Texas....Over.

This is one of the more sad news stories to hit the Texas program in a while. Texas' go to receiver for the last 3 years, Limas Sweed, is out for the year with season ending wrist surgery. Limas' development, as a receiver, has been one of the more pleasurable things to watch the past few years. Sweed has gone from a Roy Williams look-a-like in stature only, to making maybe the biggest reception in Texas history against Ohio State in 2005.

After suffering a preseason wrist injury, you could tell Limas was hurting. He wasn't pulling in the jump balls like he used to and even making the routine catches became difficult for him. I even suggested in the previous story that Limas should thing about sitting out some, but in this instance I really did not want to be right.

Texas will lose their biggest deep play threat, but hopefully this means Billy Pittman will see his role expand to it's former importance. Texas can recover because they are deep at receiver, but it is going to be weird not seeing big #4 streaking down the field at DKR anymore. Good luck to Limas and hopefully we can see him making his big catches on Sundays really soon.

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