Thursday, October 4, 2007

Unit Comparison: Texas v. Oklahoma

Both Texas and Oklahoma come into the Red River Rivalry after disappointing losses to underdog, Big 12 North teams. OU endured a terrible 4th quarter and allowed Colorado to comeback and win on a last second field goal. Texas was simply blown out by Kansas Stat in Austin. The Horns were dominated in every facet of the game and lost 41-21. One of these teams is going home 0-2 in the Big 12, which would have been in comprehensible at the beginning of the year.

Quarterback: Usually an advantage for Texas, Colt McCoy has never really had it click this year. Whether it be scheme, offensive line troubles, plain poor performance or all of the above, McCoy has limped to 8 TDs and 9 INTs on the year and has made huge mistakes in crunch time, while last year he was making big plays. Sam Bradford, on the other hand, has burst onto the scene in Norman. OU was predicting some slow play at QB, but Bradford has been amazing with 14 TDs to 5 INTs. ADVANTAGE: Oklahoma
Running Back: Texas has the talent, but OU has the production to go along with that talent. Jamaal Charles, Chris Ogbonnaya, and Vondrell McGee are great runners who have been suffering from a stagnant offense with an under-performing line. DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick have put up better numbers than the Texas 3, but have also been playing in an offense that is overall out performing Texas. So, I feel that the talent level is actually equal in this situation. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

Wide Receiver: Again, Texas and OU come in with equally talented receivers, but with vastly different production levels. To see exactly what I mean, look no further than Limas Sweed against Malcolm Kelly. They are very similar in talent but Sweed has 281 yards and 3 TDs while Kelly has 349 yards and 7 TDs. Texas has more depth with Cosby, Jones, Finley and Pittman. OU's Kelly and Juaquin Iglesias are formidable, but don't equal the options Texas has. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

Offensive Line: Is it even close? OU's line has protected Bradford and opened holes for the running game. Texas' line has failed to open holes and Colt has started to see more and more pressure during drop backs. Texas' line may be the biggest question mark going into this game but they are also the key to this game for Texas. Wow. That's a bad sign. ADVANTAGE: Oklahoma

Defensive Line: The Texas D Line has actually been a strong point for the team. They have only given up 88 rushing yards a game, while OU is giving up a mere 67. The problem with the Texas D Line has been its lack of pressure it has put on QBs this year. They were picked apart by K State, in part, because they had all day to pass. The D lines are strengths for both teams and the game may turn on which one can control the line of scrimmage. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

Linebackers: Once again, not even close. Lewis Baker, Ryan Reynolds and Curtis Lofton are a great linbacking corp. Bobino, Killebrew and Derry.... Not so much. If you enjoy reading plays, being in position, and making tackles, these Texas backers are not for you. However, Norton, Muckleroy and Kindle could bring a huge pick-me-up from the bench, if Mack and Co feel like competing with OU. If not, look out... ADVANTAGE. Oklahoma

Defensive Backs: DJ Wolfe, Reggie Smith and Marcus Walker are damn good and may just clamp up the Texas receivers all day. Texas is still trying to find their defensive identity. Brandon Foster has been better than expected, but Ryan Palmer has been iffy. Deon Beasley has shown signs of life, but has also been picked on. Texas will have all it can handle with the OU receivers. ADVANTAGE: Oklahoma

In short, Texas is going to need to do something drastic and hope for some Sooner mistakes to pull this out. Prediction: Oklahoma 38- Texas 20.

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