Monday, October 29, 2007

Big XII Power Rankings

Kansas remained unbeaten as Texas narrowly avoided the upset bid by Nebraska. Texas Tech was not so fortunate as Colorado scored the road win. Baylor and Iowa State, well, they're Baylor and Iowa State. Now for this week's Big XII Power Rankings...

Top Tier
#5 Oklahoma (7-1) (3-1) Idle last week
- The Sooners had an extra week to show up to work at the dealership and pick up their paycheck, and to prepare for Texas A&M at home this week. That probably took all of Monday for them, so they probably spent the rest of the time preparing for Baylor, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State. Who are we kidding they spent a day on Tech and the rest of the time on Oklahoma State.

#9 Missouri (7-1) (3-1) W - 42-28 - vs. Iowa State
- The Tigers didn't exactly make quick work out of Iowa State, but got the win. Missouri has a tough remaining stretch, and it will start this week with a trip to Boulder, Colorado. Colorado can't be taken lightly, just ask the Sooners and Red Raiders.

#8 Kansas (8-0) (4-0) W - 19-11 - at Texas A&M
- The Jayhawks went on the road in a hostile environment and got a win over a mediocre Texas A&M team. I don't know if you can call it a statement win, but it was something. This week shouldn't be too bad as Tom Osborne comes to town. Unfortunately there won't be an actual football team coming with him. The Jayhawks should be 9-0 in a week. The season-finale versus Missouri is looming.

#14 Texas (7-2) (3-2) W - 28-25 - vs. Nebraska
- Almost a disaterous loss at home to Nebraska. But Texas was able to come from behind thanks to 290 yards via Jamaal Charles. It will be interesting to see how Texas fares on the road against a rejuvinated Oklahoma State team with three years worth of redemption on their mind and a bye week to prepare. It's hard to tell which Texas team is going to show up.

Middle Tier
Oklahoma State (5-3) (3-1) Idle last week
- Oklahoma State has a history of jumping out to big leads against Texas and blowing it. It has left a bitter taste in the Cowboys mouth and they have had a bye week to get ready for the Longhorns coming to town. Zac Robinson has rescued this team and they have played well after their nightmare start to the season.

Kansas State (5-3) (3-2) W - 51-13 vs. Baylor
- The Wildcats rebounded nicely from their loss at Oklahoma State by pasting the Baylor Bears. While it is Baylor, it was a nice win to recover and get everything in order, as Kansas State tries to prepare themselves for a run at a solid Bowl Bid. Having Iowa State and Nebraska as your next two on the schedule certainly help that.

Texas Tech (6-3) (2-3) L - 31-26 vs. Colorado
- Texas Tech loses their second in a row, falling at home to that pesky Colorado team. What looked like a chance at a ten win season for Texas Tech is quickly falling apart. More surprisingly Graham Harrell has struggled throwing four interceptions in each of the last two games. They will have a chance to figure it all out as they travel to the land of opportunity, Waco, Texas, to take on the hopeless Baylor Bears. Texas Tech needs to figure it out quickly because after Baylor they end with Texas and Oklahoma.

Texas A&M (6-3) (3-2) L - 19-11 vs. #12 Kansas
- If Kansas was the real deal this would be nothing to be disappointed with, but I don't think Kansas is the #8 or #12 team in the country. Texas A&M was out of the game before they could establish their running game, and anytime you force Stephen McGee to throw 40 times, you're going to win the game. This is the part of the story where the Aggies start losing a lot. They have Oklahoma, then Missouri, then Texas to end the season.

Colorado (5-4) (3-2) W - 31-26 at Texas Tech
- This has been one of the more remarkable turn around stories in the Big XII. They are still two years away from having the talent they need to win. But they're winning now. They stayed in the mix in the Big XII North, and leave themselves a chance to go bowling this winter. Absolutely remarkable job by Dan Hawkins. I'm scared to see what he can do with actual talent. Can they pull off another miracle upset? Missouri is coming to town.

Bottom Tier
Nebraska (4-5) (1-4) L - 28-25 at #17 Texas
- Another tough loss to swollow for the Cornhuskers, as they let Texas run their way back from a 17-3 deficit. They have to head to #8 Kansas next weekend, followed by Kansas State and Colorado. At this point, I'm not sure if they can win any of them. All of those teams play great defense, and Nebraska will probably give up points to anyone. Is a (4-8) (1-7) season really possible for the Huskers? If it does happen they can't really keep Calhoun can they? Will Osborne make them run the option again? Okay, that last one was a little rediculous.

Baylor (3-6) (0-5) L - 51-13 at Kansas State
- Another pasting by a Big XII opponent. Things don't look to be turning around for the Bears, with Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State left on the schedule. (3-9) (0-8) would look all to familiar to the Bears, which would probably lead them to another familiar activity, looking for a new coach.

Iowa State (1-7) (0-5) L - 42-28 at #13 Missouri
- They played tough against Oklahoma and Missouri. I think that is about all you can ask for from a team this bad. It's just a shame that we can't give the fans what they really want. An end of season showdown against Baylor.

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