Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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While this season has been anything but smooth sailing or impressive, Texas still finds themselves 7-2, pretty much out of the Big XII Race, but still in solid position for a New Year's Day Bowl or as crazy as it sounds a BCS Bowl.

The way teams have been falling this season, there is an excellent chance for Texas to end up 10-2 and in a BCS Bowl. Currently the Longhorns sit in 15th in the BCS rankings, and this is based solely on the Human polls alone. As Texas is unranked, by all six of the computer polls. I was kind of surprised at first, but with Texas' strength of schedule (71st), average margins of victory, and lack of a victory against anyone of note, it kind of makes sense why Texas is struggling in the computer polls.

Right now, Texas is sitting at 15th in the BCS with zero assistance from the computer polls. They currently sit, 27th, 28th, 29th, 29th, 32nd, and 35th in the six computer polls. With teams above them to lose more games, and Texas facing opponents with decent computer ranks (Oklahoma State - 37th, Texas A&M - 39th, Texas Tech - 56th), Texas should finally start getting some points for computer rankings starting next week. This should help them move up in the polls.

Granted all of this takes into account that Texas doesn't lose any of their remaining three, which is no guarentee. Texas just needs to get in the top 14 to have a shot at being selected for a BCS birth. But Texas also needs to get ahead of Missouri and Kansas (assuming that they would lose in the Big XII Title Game).

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