Thursday, October 25, 2007

Texas Wins Big

The unbeatable, unstoppable #1 Huskers marched into Gregory Gym last night and in front of a record sell-out crowd of 4,286, fell to the #5 Texas Longhorns 30-22, 30-25, 30-20. That would be 3-0 for those of you scoring at home.

While #5 beating #1 doesn't seem like that great of an upset, hopefully yesterday's post illustrated the magnitude of the win, and also completely jinxed the Huskers. While I can't say that I am a volleyball fan outside of the shorts, there's something to be said for overcoming slim odds and achieving the unthinkable. I'm sure Gregory was an electric place to be, and I couldn't help being excited. (I would have been there, but you know, not living in the state of Texas makes that challenging)

Texas got exactly what they needed to come out of this victoriously. Michelle Moriarity had clutch plays throughout the match, and Brandi Magee chipped in with 8 kills. The Longhorns also were helped by 13 kills and 8 kills by Juliann Faucette and Ashely Engle, respectively.

However, the game ball (they give out game balls in volleyball right?) goes to Destinee Hooker who had an unreal 17 kills (that's unreal, take my word for it). Texas played flawlessly for most of the match, and it was a landmark win for a program that has been around the top for the past few years, but hadn't gotten that signature win.

This is a young and extremely talented team with argueably their top three players as sophomores and a freshman. It would appear they only place is up. Good times!

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