Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 8 Spotlight

With the Staples hanging on to an ever thinning lead, week 8 needs to be a solid week to keep the Cleaning Crew at bay.

QB- Chase Daniel- Daniel may be just the 2nd best QB in the Big 12, but that also might put him as the 2nd best QB in the nation. With the exception of 1 costly mistake, Daniel had a great game against Oklahoma. Daniel is passing for almost 350 yards a game and has 16 TDs to only 6 INTs.

QB- Chad Henne- Michigan and Henne seems to be coming together at the right time. Against Purdue, Henne went foe 270 yards and 2 scores. He is still looking to Manningham as one of the best pass catchers in America. He looks to continue to bolster his expectation laden senior year.

RB- Michael Hart- Should be the leading Heisman candidate thus far in the year. Hart leads the nation with 150 yards per game and 12 TDs on the year. Hart has lead the Michigan team all year and looks to, again, for another week.

RB- Ray Rice- Umm... Is it cheating that I aleady know what Rice did on Thursday? (I didn't know before I selected him.) I predict Rice will go for 181yards and no TDs. Umm... That's exactly what he did.

WR- Mario Manningham- Has been the go-to wide out for the Wolverines for 3 years. Mario went for 180 yards and 2TDs against Purdue. Hopefully, he replicates that this week.

WR- Michael Crabtree- Crabtree had a down week last week. Oh by the way, that means he had 170 yards recieving, just no TDs. Crabtree is a dark horse Heisman candidate as a freshman and looks to abuse another secondary.

O- Michigan- I have really hitched my wagon to the Michigan Offense this week, so it is no surprise that I have Michigan's overall offense. Let's just hope that Illinois doesn't rise up and knock off the Wolverines because that would be a death blow for the Staples.

D- Florida State- The Defense is all that has kept Florida State's head above water this year. Couple that with the lowly Miami offense and the Seminoles look to pitch a shutout this week.

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