Monday, October 1, 2007

Ricky Williams Still Wanting NFL Chance...

It has been reported that Ricky Williams is, again, applying for reinstatement into the NFL. While his career at Texas was nothing short of legendary, his NFL life has been wildly inconsistent. Williams has both lead the NFL in rushing and been suspended from play for league violations. For all accounts, Williams is not a bad guy, just weird and liked to smoke too much. While marijuana use is wide spread in the NFL, Ricky seemed to become the poster boy for substance abuse.

Ricky keeps trying though. It seems he really wants to play and is trying to come back better than ever. In my book, Ricky will always be my favorite Longhorn. He was my last true "hero" before I became too old and too jaded to "idolize" athlete (VY man crush aside). So here's hoping for the best for Ricky. Whatever team he winds up on will soon become my favorite team.

Run, Ricky, Run....

Hopefully a good luck picture for OU week

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