Friday, October 26, 2007

Unit Comparison: Texas v. Nebraska

Once upon a time, this used to be a huge matchup with national championship & Big 12 implications. Now it is a big contest in name value only (granted thats almost all Nebraska's fault). None the less, Texas has not performed all that well for a four quarter stretch yet this year. Texas is the heavy favorite, but we have all seen what thats done for them so far this season.

Quarterback- Colt McCoy has struggled this year, but nothing like the abysmal year Sam Keller has put up. The disgruntled Arizona State transfer has only been able to prove the Sun Devil coaches were correct in benching him in favor of Rudy Carpenter (Zona St 7-0, Neb 4-4). Under Keller's lead, Nebraska is 9th in the Big 12 in scoring at 26 ppg. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS

Running back- Two of the traditional power rushing teams have both struggled a bit this season to get the ground game started. You just don't expect to find each of them in the middle of the Big 12 in rushing stats. Jamaal Charles has fumbled and lacked the big play ability that made him a freshman star. Similarly, Marlon Lucky just hasn't had a the super star impact he was expected to. Charles and Lucky have actually had similar years and they both cancel each other out. However, Texas has deeper talent with Vondrell McGee and Chris Ogbonnaya ready to step into service. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS.

Wide Receiver- Texas may have lost Limas Sweed, but that has not slowed down Colt McCoy and his talented receiving corps. Quan Cosby has proven to be a sure handed, yet vastly underrated threat. Sweed's absence has also given Jordan Shipley the chance to emerge the budding big-time talent that has been expected of him. You know its never a good sign when your top 2 receivers are running backs. This is the case for the Cornhuskers. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS

Offensive Line- This has been a big concern for two teams that have usually relied on a big powerful line to bulldoze the way for their high-powered offense. We have already discussed the troubles on the ground, but both Colt and Keller have been sacked over 11 times this year. Both lines need to improve fast, but it doesn't look look likt it is going to be this year. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

Defensive Line- For Nebraska, the "Black Shirt" defense is a thing of the past. The huge D lines that used to control the line of scrimmage no longer exist. Texas' D Line is as strong as ever and getting to be healthy for the first time of the year. Okam, Aaron Lewis, Orkapo and the whole crew are all available and ready to continue to hold UT opponents to few yards on the ground. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS

Linebackers- In what has been a down year for Texas linebackers, at least we can say they are not as bad as Nebraska's. The Huskers have the worst rushing defense in the Big 12 and are giving up the most yards per game in the conference. Where is Bo Pelini when you need him? At least the young 'backers for Texas are getting some playing time and are playing well. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS

Defensive Backs- Again, Texas isn't great, but Nebraska's worse. The Texas defense, overall, has been playing betting since Kansas State. Ishie Ogedwu got a lot of time against Baylor, while much maligned DB Erick Jackson saw more of the bench. Ishie looks to continue to get a majority of the snaps as the Texas secondary become better and more experienced. ADVANTAGE: TEXAS

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