Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Youtube Tuesday

Its time for a new weekly post called "Youtube Tuesday." The name is pretty self explanitory, as I will be posting various clips from youtube on a weekly basis. They may be old UT game highlights, player highlight reels, some funny sports video, or something totally of topic and random. i will try to keep it as interesting and fun as possible.

To start of the inaugural posting, I bring you this music video by the "Rammers" called "Ram it." This of course is the 1980 LA Rams singing, dancing and rapping (I use all three of those terms very loosely). Why, you ask, is this clip important to us? Well, for two reasons: One, it shows that white people must read their rap lyrics from a cue card. And, two, prominently featured #21 is non other than current Texas Aggie offensive coordinator, Nolan Cromwell. His dancing at the end of the video rivals, Elaine's "Little Kicks" on Seinfeld in the annuls of horrendous dancing moves.

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