Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did They Think to Cancel His Service? is reporting that Indiana could be facing more NCAA sanctions on top of the already self imposed sanctions that Indiana placed on themselves for hiring a dirtbag...err, I mean Kelvin Sampson.

Indiana was forced into self imposed sanctions last year when they discovered that Kelvin Sampson had made 577 impermissable phone calls from 2000-2006 at Oklahoma. While the phone calls were disturbing, Indiana later revealed that the biggest problem was that no one liked the SOB...okay, maybe not, but it's possible.

So Indiana trying to rebuild their program through the assistance of those that break the rules, my favorite way to return to glory, personally, but strict limitations on Sampson trying to avoid any trouble from the NCAA. This included making no off-campus trips, limited phone calls, and no three-way phone calls. Which really, I don't think any coach should be participating in any three-ways, well except maybe Larry Eustachy.

Well apparently the NCAA sent a letter to Indiana saying that their investigation turned up more wrong doings, and possible MAJOR (oh yes, major) violations by the Indiana program. Apparently as has been the case from 2000 until 2007, Kelvin Sampson has been doing whatever the hell he pleases. And though it apparently takes nine years, karma will eventually catch up to you.

Not that it helps Bruce Webber at all. Bad guys may get caught, but nice guys still finish last. But really, I think Indiana deserves anything that comes there way. They knew Sampson was a shady character, but they hired him anyways. They know that he consistently breaks the rules, and yet they still didn't monitor his activities. They knew he had to be breaking rules and violating his Indiana mandated probation. So Indiana deserves whatever penalties the NCAA hands down. But let us not get too carried away. Indiana is a storied, big time basketball program. I smell a slap on the wrist. (Insert Baylor fans thinking unbaptist thoughts towards the NCAA here).

Sampson will continue to break the rules wherever he goes because it helps him win, and helps him make more money. There are no real consequences that will ever be given to him, so why not break the rules. If Indiana gets fed up and fires him, some school desperate to win will take a chance on him. Translation: Some school will welcome his rule breaking tactics for a shot at winning.

But this whole incident begs the question, why didn't anyone just cancel his phone service, take away his cell phone, and ground him to his office? Oh, because then you wouldn't be 20-3 and have Eric Gordon. Now I get it.

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whateverhappenedtomartycherry said...

I was just about to come on here and say how much I hate Kelvin Sampson and how big of a piece of trash he is. I'm glad you beat me to the post. Your's is much more tasteful than mine would have ever been.