Monday, February 25, 2008

Post Game Points: Texas v. Kansas State

ANOTHER UGLY WIN... No matter how Texas plays, they keep on winning. 13 turnovers, 10-22 from the foul line, AJ & Connor out the 1st half with fouls, broken noses and a poor shooting night for Damion James didn't keep the Horns from pulling off the huge win in Manhattan. This team has won inside, outside, pretty and ugly. One night it's DJ, then AJ then Connor and Damion. It seems like nothing can slow this team down the past 8 games. Three more winnable games for the Texas and they will bring home their first outright Big 12 Championship since 1999.

BLOWING BUBBLES... It looks like The Wildcats are about to play themselves right onto the NCAA Tournament bubble. They have now lost 3 straight to Texas, Baylor and Nebraska and face an impending 4th loss as they head into Lawrence to face Kansas on Saturday. Thats not to great considering the selection committee tends to look at your last 10-12 games to separate the last few in from the ones left out. If K State loses to Kansas, they are for sure going to have to beat Colorado and Iowa State to finish the year and then maybe have to win a game or 2 in the Big 12 tournament. One thing they have going for them is the "Beasley Factor" in that it is going to be hard for the committee to keep the most talented player in the country out of the NCAAs and into the NIT.

PHOENIX SUNS IN ATTENDANCE... ESPN made it a point to show Kevin McHale of T-Wolves and Steve Kerr of the Suns in attendance at tonight's game. Despite DJ's comments this week that he isn't going to the NBA, you can't tell me Phoenix was not there to look at DJ. I think Texas fans have learned enough from TJ, Kevin Durant and Vince Young to know that the "I will be back next year" is essentially a guarantee they will not. I think everyone is incredibly greatful we have had DJ for 2 years. I love DJ's game and he would be a perfect fit as the heir apparent yo Steve Nash and the Suns offense. I just wish players wouldn't get everyone's hopes up by saying the thing they think fans want to hear.

TEXAS' "X" FACTOR... Is Connor Atchley. He can be such a matchup problem for teams as his offensive game has really developed this year. He works the pick & roll so well with DJ. Connor can bring his man away from the basket, leaving a clear path to the rim for DJ. And Connor is becoming deadly from behind the arc as DJ is finding his open when teams trap him on the high pick & roll. Tonight Connor even hit what can only be described as the "least expected drive to the basket and running jump hook floater of the year." Add in his shot blocking ability and, as long as he stays out of foul trouble, Connor becomes a key man in a Longhorn run into March.

@ Texas Tech: This game is winnable. Barned owns Tech and the Red Raiders just don't have the size or offensive fire power to stay with Texas. The game in Austin was a blow out, and I only expect the game to be about 5 points closer be cause the game is in Lubbock.
Nebraska: While the Cornhuskers are playing well as of late (wins over K State & A&M), I just don't see them coming into Austin and beating this Texas team. Texas may have some trouble with the 7'0'' Aleks Karic, but Nebraska simply does not have the overall team talent to pull off an upset road win.
Oklahoma State: I am glad Texas gets this game at home. The Cowboys are off wins over A&M and Kansas and PG Byron Eaton has been on fire the past few games. OK State alwasy plays Texas tough, but the Horns seem to pull off the wins in Austin. This is going to be a tough game, but the Cowboys don't have enough scorers around Eaton to win this Big 12 finally.

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