Tuesday, February 5, 2008

National Signing Day

We're just a day away from National Signing Day. For the most part Texas' recruiting season has ended, as just a few prospects remain to fill out what will be another solid class for the Longhorns.

The one big name left for the Longhorns, is Darrell Scott, running back out of California. Scott has narrowed it down to Colorado (where he has an uncle that plays), and Texas (where he could potentially start thanks to Jamaal leaving). He is widely considered the first or second best running back prospect in the country and would be a huge boost for either program.

A few other surprises may lie ahead for the Longhorns, but most likely Scott will be the only major news of the day. Once the letters are signed we'll take a look at where the incoming freshman fit into the program and when we should expect to see them.

However, recruiting is a completely overhyped beast. Rankings and player ratings are arbitrary and if you're in the top 15, you pretty much are interchangable anywhere in that 15. No one can predict how 18 year old kids are going to react to playing against equal competition for the first time, how they will mentally mature, and how they will handle the environment. Some prospects are the real deal, but some 5-star and 4-stars will never be heard from and some 1-star and 2-star players will become future NFL stars.

Texas' current recruiting class is ranked 10th on ESPN.com, 12th on Rivals.com, and 13th on Scout.com which is surprisingly consistent considering how most of the rankings are. (Ex: Clemson, #4 on ESPN and #13 on Rivals). Which means Texas once again has a solid incoming class that is in the top tier of the country. We don't need Darrell Scott, but it would be nice to bring in a highly touted running back to pair with Vondrell McGee in the backfield, and would give Texas a headlining talent to go with their solid 2008 class.

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