Monday, February 25, 2008

Keys to the Game: Texas v. Kansas State (a.k.a The "Weasley Wildcats")

When I was thinking about today's write up, I was thinking about doing my usual "Keys to the Game," which typically includes several key points that may make a difference in the upcoming game. But when thinking about today's matchup against Kansas State, i could only think of 2 things: Walker & Beasley. That pretty much sums up the Wildcat's team and season. In an unbelievable feat, Walker (31) and Beasley (44) combined to score 75 of K State's 86 points in a nine point loss to Baylor.

So, when thinking about what Texas is up against tonight, thats about all I could come up with. So instead of concentrating on actual game keys, I have decided to make up a useless name for the 2008 Kansas State Wildcats. From hence forth, they will be known in my blog posts as the "Weasley Wildcats." This, of course, combines Walker and Beasley into one super human "omni-player" which will unilaterally take on any opponent in the Big 12 and beyond. This extra-human force will obviously be represented by:

For those of you unfamiliar, that's a Harry potter reference. Yeah, I went there...

PREDICTION: Texas 76, Kansas State 69 (Weasley Wildcats 60)

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