Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Win of the Year

Texas did everything right last night in their 77-50 win against #22 Texas A&M. DJ Augustin had a great game and everyone contributed as Texas dominated from the opening tip. It was a great win and Texas looked the best they have all season.

I'm sure Royal will have more on this game later, so I'll leave it to him, but an interesting thought on DJ's recent shooting slump that he seemed to have broken out of last night. During the slump Texas had to rely on AJ, Damo, Connor, Gary, and even Mason and the bench guys stepped up to play increased roles. It seems that even though Augustin regained his shooting touch he has a new found confidence in giving up the ball to his teammates that showed last night. Last night it seemed like DJ was just as big of a threat to pass the ball as he was to shoot the ball, which we haven't seen a lot of this year. His new found confidence to get his teammates the ball in scoring position, and their ability to contribute makes this Texas team dynamic and dangerous.

More on this later, but for now, enjoy a 27-point win over the Aggies. All together now...


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