Monday, September 17, 2007

The fun part of suspensions

When every player on your team gets suspended, it puts you in a bad mood. However, when everyone on your team gets reinstated, it's almost like Christmas. Texas reinstated WR Billy Pittman, LB Sergio Kindle, and DE Henry Melton today and will rejoin the team in time to be available for Saturday's game against Rice.

WR Billy Pittman will be a welcome addition as Jordan Shipley has been dealing with hamstring problems and Limas Sweed has been hobbled by a nagging ankle injury. Pittman is a much needed deep threat as Colt McCoy looks to be close to insanity from all the five yard passes he has had to throw. Pittman was probably our second best receiver, behind Sweed, coming into the season, and with the emergance of Nate Jones and Quan Cosby, the passing game could once again be potent.

LB Sergio Kindle's reinstatement is a very good addition as well. If he can live up to expectations as an impact linebacker that will be in the starting lineup sooner than later, then Texas fans can start to boast that we have a linebacker finally. If Kindle doesn't have the kind of impact we are hoping for, he will still be useful, because six mediocre linebackers is better than five mediocre linebackers, right?

I suppose the reinstatement of DE Henry Melton is also a welcome sign as well. While he will not have the impact that the other two's return will have, we all enjoy having Henry Melton back. Though I think we all were hoping he had turned out more like Javorskie Lane and less like Henry Melton, during his Longhorn career.

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