Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Gimme Back My Wins!"

The Oklahoma Sooners now want their wins back after they were taken away by the NCAA for violations of NCAA rules. Former QB Rhett Bomar and other Sooners were have found to have accepted lots of money for summer work they did not actually do. The NCAA found that this combined with past violations, necessitated a forfieture of the games played by Rhett Bomar in the 2005 season.

Oklahoma says that Bomar should be punished, not the team because it was an individual problem and not a team problem. Wow, that looks good for the current and future players. Nice to see that OU will throw you under the bus when it is HIGHLY likely that there were some people in the OU program and administration that knew of this conduct. And, really, what are the chance that NO ONE else on the team was doing the same thing? Probably about the same chances that there will be no more Longhorn arrests this year....

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