Friday, September 28, 2007

Coach Fran Selling Secrets to Chinese

The Aggies always seem to go out of their way to offer humor and a good laugh to the rest of the world. Today it comes compliments of Coach Fran and the "VIP Connection".

Apparently Coach Fran had about 12 boosters who subscribed to a weekly newsletter that offered inside information about the team, such as injuries, and player assessment. However, the practice is going to stop as one of the newsletters was given to the San Antonio Express News, via a third party.

It is unknown whether Bob Stoops and Bill Callahan were subscribers of the newsletter, but obviously it's quite embarrasing for Franchione and the Aggies. It is also unknown whether it was explained to boosters, the strategy behind not giving Javorskie Lane a touch in the first half of the Miami game.

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