Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 3 Spotlight

What better way to enjoy a great thing like college football, then with Fantasy College Football. Every week the Drinking the Forty staff will be picking their fantasy team from the top 10 matchups of the upcoming week in College Football. Below, our picks...

Last Week
Joe Pa's Stadium Cleaning Service rebounded from a deficit Week 1 to surge back, winning week 2 and taking the overall lead. It must've been the team name that inspired the troops. Or maybe it was Dennis Dixon running and throwing all over Michigan.

It worked last week with a running quarterback, so let's continue that with West Virginia quarterback Pat White and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Pat White takes on a Maryland team that always plays WVU tough, but struggles with the athleticism the Mountaineers possess. They usually can find a way to stop Slaton, which will let White throw more and break some big scramble plays. If we've learned one thing from Tennessee, is that they have no offense and struggle with pure speed. Enter Florida. Tim Tebow should continue to put up points with the bevy of weapons he has to work with.

As bad as Michigan has been, Mike Hart has been really good. With a freshman quarterback starting, and Notre Dame's run defense making the trip (or not making the trip) to the Big House, Hart has a chance to have another big day. The closest thing to LaDanian Tomlinson in college, Darren McFadden is a threat to run, catch, and throw the ball, and should be used in every aspect to overcome a tough Alabama squad.

Wide Recievers
It is pretty much a given that Colt Brennan will throw for at least 450 yards a game. Well, someone has to catch all those footballs, and look for Ryan Grice-Mullins to pull in a lot of those balls. Michigan State's Devin Thomas has been one of the few strong points for the Spartans this season and Pittsburgh's defense has struggled. Look for Thomas to continue to put up big numbers as the Spartans will most likely go 5-0 before losing their last 6, like they do every season.

Hawaii scores points. Lots and lots of points. They also have no defense, so it's assured that they will get the ball back quickly. They may be playing a solid UNLV team, but they will get their points.

Nebraska looked shakey this past weekend against Wake Forest. Sam Keller has yet to play well, and Nebraska was lucky to walk away with a win. This weekend, the USC Trojans come to town, and they have a defense loaded with NFL prospects. Don't look for the upset as the Trojans will show they are still a tier above the Huskers.

#4 West Virginia (2-0) at Maryland (2-0)
Pittsburgh (2-0) at Michigan State (2-0)
Virginia (1-1)
at North Carolina (1-1)
#22 Tennessee (1-1) at #5 Florida (2-0)
#10 Ohio State (2-0)
at Washington (2-0)
Notre Dame (0-2) at Michigan (0-2)
#16 Arkansas (1-0)
at Alabama (2-0)
#1 USC (1-0) at #14 Nebraska (2-0)
#21 Boston College (2-0) at #15 Georgia Tech (2-0)
#24 Hawaii (2-0) at UNLV (1-1)

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