Monday, March 5, 2007

Seriously, where did he go?

So, after being asked to join the "staff" (call it what you will) of this fine piece of journalism, I had to come up with a display name. Took me awhile, but then a vision of the most handsome, perfectly chisled square jawed quaterback entered my head and before I knew it, a name was born. Which leads to my first post - what the heck happened to Marty Cherry? Last we heard, he left the sidelines of Memorial Stadium to enter the masucline world of modeling. Really, who could blame him though? After solidifying his place on the "Guys who did bad things in some of UT's worst memorable games ever" list, with his 9 for 18 with 2 INTs and a fumble after taking over for Richard Walton in the worst home loss ever Texas, 66-3 at the hands of UCLA. We were ranked like #11 going into that game. I was there. For the entire thing. Seriously, I'm pretty sure we stayed to the end and were 4 of a grand total of probably 10 left in the west side upper deck to sing the Eyes of Texas at the end. But I digress - back to the issue at hand.... At this painful game, a photograph caught sight of Cherry on the sideline and thus his door into the modeling world was opened. It looks like Marty moved from the field to some photo shoots for Abercrombie & Fitch. I am not able to find any photos of Marty modeling for A&F, which is quite unfortunate, as we know that most A&F photos have actually very little to do with the clothes. I've also found that he moved on to Polo Ralph Lauren, but oddly enough little is mentioned of him on el internet. No images found on google, and the only articles found are those talking about the UCLA disaster or discussing his departure from the team in 1997. So where is he now? Somebody somewhere has to know what happened to Mr. Cherry. He'd be about 32 these days, which isn't too old for a male model, but with no reference to him anywhere, it's hard to imagine he's still in business. Maybe someone caught sight of him on the catwalk and he walked away from modeling to yet another career. What comes after football and modeling? My guess is the kid is either in real estate or car sales.... isn't that where all former UT players end up? Whatever happened to him, he's still perhaps the prettiest QB to ever wear the burnt orange.

Next time: What ever happened to Ron McElvey/Weaver?

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