Thursday, March 1, 2007

Damion James = Akon??

Chalk this up in the category of "Things I am glad I wasn't the only one to see." Not just because the act was a vicious male-on-male ass smack, but this is one of those "What the F***" moments that are fun to share with those with a more "refined" eye for the game.

Several things strike me as funny from this clip:

1) AJ's initial reaction. It's that moment that every diminutive person gets when something makes them snap and their initial reaction is to immediately look to hit someone in the face, then seconds later they realize the chances of a 5'10'' person being able to take on the 6'7'' aggressor are quite slim (unless of course you know Charles Oakley). Such was AJ's dilemma last night. I give him a great grade for his initial step toward James. It shows he has some fight in him. I give him more points for his immediate retreat from the situation. Shows he has brains.

2) Trying to imagine what James was thinking at the time. Was it just an unfortunate miscalculation of velocity? Was there a split second when he had to decide what he might have to do if AJ actual hit him? Should he laugh? Should he hold AJ's head at arms length while AJ threw punches into the air?

3) Then I began to wonder what Damion's role on the team was. Not in a X's and O's sort of sense, but his role in team chemistry. Was he the "Ass Grabber?" I Know, if you ever played sports, you know who I am talking about. There is always an ass grabber or ass slapper on the team. It's like how there is always a gay person on the Real World. You don't ask questions. It just has to be that way. If there is ever a surprise "pat" on your backside, you know immediately who it is, followed by the, "Why the heck does he always have to do that?". I think more than anything, that explains AJ's reaction. The initial "Oh no you didn't," followed by the "Oh, that was Damion. Figures."

4) The clip itself. It's obvious that this incident was of such magnitude that the person paused the game, rewound it, went and got a video camera, taped it and then posted it. You gotta love the Internet and sports fans.

5) The fact I just made fun of that guy and I have 5 points about an ass smack.

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