Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coaches Like Kevin Durant; Oscar Robertson and Dr. Naismith still unsure

One of the great things about college sports is that anyone that feels like it can give an award.

Today, the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) felt like giving their player of the year award to Kevin Durant. I believe that means the over 5,000 members in the NABC wish Kevin Durant was on their team. But did not go to the lengths of Danny Ainge, and sit next to Durant's mom at the Big XII Tournament.

Now, I'm sure this award is extremely prestigious. I mean it's the National Association. Of Coaches. In Basketball. Yeah, we're waiting on the Naismith award too. But according to Texas Sports (the only mention I could find of the award, not that I actually looked hard.) we can win a 3rd award from Oscar Robertson too. And really, don't we all want the approval of the Big O?

In other news, several sources have reported that Kevin Durant is still enrolled at the University of Texas. That means we still have a chance, right?

Of note:

-Glen "Big Baby" Davis announced he was going to forgo his senior season and enter the NBA draft. I think Big Baby learned a lot coming back from his junior season. Namely, that he made a huge mistake coming back for his junior season. I don't think anyone is surprised at this since, well, LSU sucks.

-In a surprise story today, reports are saying that New Mexico has about come to terms with Iowa head coach Steve Alford to take over for the Lobos. Wait, when did Steve Alford get fired from Iowa? He didn't get fired? He voluntarily left? Wow, what does it say about the stature of your program when your coach leaves to go to New Mexico? Better yet, what does it say about New Mexico? That they're committed to playing physical, ugly, slow, non-entertaining basketball, and want to show they're a program that is determined to make it to the NIT every year? Also, how does Iowa rebound from this loss...hire any of the 75% of available coaches across the country? Seriously though, a good hire for New Mexico, except that they're probably paying him 1.5 million a season, and Iowa is probably just getting a head start on what would've been taking place in two more years anyways.

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