Friday, January 11, 2008

Life After Baylor

What does one do when they are fired as head football coach of the Baylor Bears? Do you take some time off? Do you look for another, lower profile head coaching job? Do you look to become an assistant coach somewhere and start working your way back to the top?

For recently axed head coach Guy Morriss the answer is apparently b.) Look for another, lower profile head coaching job. How low profile you ask? How about Boyle County High School in....well Boyle County, Kentucky.

Reports from the Lousiville Courier-Journal were confirmed by none other than Morriss' wife Jackie. She confirmed that he was interviewed for the job and also believes that, "He would do a great job there.”

All of Boyle County is excited about the possibility of the former UK coach that helped rebuild Kentucky after the scandal filled era of Hal know before he made the horrible decision of accepting the head coaching job at Baylor University. But now he has a chance to encounter a new challenge. But it won't be easy, he'd have to overcome cross county rival Danville and their legendary head coach Sam Harp.

No word on whether Coach Morriss would be expected to teach any classes. Perhaps a course in Home Economics or possibly a Religion course?

Thanks to Meaningful Collateral via Deadspin

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whateverhappenedtomartycherry said...

So what does he do when they don't hire him?