Monday, January 14, 2008

If I Was Rick Barnes, I Would Yell at These People: Volume 1

I am going to put on my 'Rick Barnes Hat' for a minute while I express my (along with his, I am sure) frustration with the Longhorn's last few games. If the Texas basketball team continues to under perform, this may become a weekly event. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.

D.J. Augustin: Ok, D.J. I know you are one of the best point guards in the nation, but the problem is that you seem to know it too. Playing with confidence is one thing, but this is not high school anymore. You are still better than 99.9% pf the people that are guarding you, but you still need to take good shots. Running in the lane and flinging shots up is not an offensive strategy. 6-20, 6-17, 5-11, 4-10, 11-22 and 6-16 are your shooting number for the past six games. This is not good. Also, it's been 6 weeks since you have had 10 or more assists in a game. This tells me 2 things. You're shooting too much and not taking good shots. Our offense is predicated on you. Period. If you sick, we suck. So stop sucking.

A.J. Abrams: I don't have a specific beef with you. You do what you need to on offense. You are an outside shooter and you do that well. And while you are not the only one playing perimeter defense, you are part of our horrendous defensive efforts in the past few weeks. You're small. I get that. But there is no reason Missouri should shoot almost 70% from the field (50% from three) against us. The Tigers, and our other opponents had open shots all day. Inexcusable.

Damion James: Keep doing what you're doing, son. You have been constant and amazing all year. You play hard the entire time you're in the game. You are shooting well, flying to rebounds and defending the basket with force. If the rest of the team had your effort every game, we would still be undefeated. Kudos.

Connor Atchley: Where the hell did you go? Seriously. You had me believing you had turned the corner and were about to have a break out year. Then this. What the hell. You didn't take a shot against Missouri until the second half. We need you to be an offensive threat to take the pressure off DJ, AJ and Damion. You had been good on defense too, but now you constantly get into foul trouble. Please do not continue to disappear during important games. We need you in Big 12 play. So you're going to have to step it up, or we are going no where this year.

Gary Johnson: I know you're young and I know you have been out this year. But that is ZERO excuse for just plain not trying on defense. Missouri hit three after three in your face because you flat out refused to play a lick of defense. Standing around, not scoring, not crashing the boards and not getting out on shooters is going to but your super talented ass on the bench real quick. I can put up with mistakes, but I refuse to sit by and let such a talented kid not try. Get your ass in gear because I have no issue having you sit the bench the rest of the year. We made it half way through the year, we can make it the rest.

Justin Mason: You have, without a doubt, had the worst one month period I have ever seen from a Division 1A, men's basketball player. What exactly are you contibuting to this team? You have no confidence in your shot. You can't dribble or drive and your defense is lacking. You are a liability on offense and defense. I can't put you in to rest DJ cause you can't run the point and if I take AJ out, we lose a scoring threat. If you can't get your head together, you may not see the floor in the next few games, if i can help it. Stop embarrassing your me and your family.

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