Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Applewhite Accepts RB Job

The Austin-American Statesman is reporting that Major Applewhite will become the next running backs coach of the Texas Longhorns, replacing Ken Rucker, who took a position in the Athletic Department a few weeks ago.

The move would be an interesting one of Applewhite, who is currently the Offensive Coordinator for Nick Saban at Alabama. For Applewhite to leave a top OC job like Alabama to become the RB coach at Texas, there has to be more to the agreement. Applewhite's heart and roots are likely in Austin, but that's not enough for one of the fastest rising young coaches in college football to take a step down in his career. I imagine that with his familiarity with Mack Brown, Greg Davis, and Texas' offense, that Major will be more involved than your typical RB coach. Also, it wouldn't be all that surprising that this is a position that could lead to Offensive Coordinator within a few years, and ultimately head coach.

Since he left Texas as a graduate assistant four years ago, Major has gone from QB Coach at Syracuse, to Offensive Coordinator at Rice, to Offensive Coordinator at Alabama. The path has been extremely fast and Applewhite is largely considered one of the top up and coming coaches in College Football.

Could this move be a sign that Greg Davis' career is winding down? I can't imagine any other reason that Applewhite would want to leave his post at Alabama for what is ultimately a demotion at Texas. If Applewhite were to become Offensive Coordinator he would be the likely candidate to succeed Mack Brown, whenever the 56 year old head coach decides to call it quits, which will almost assuredly be at Texas.

Either way, Applewhite's return to the Forty Acres will be celebrated across Longhorn Nation, as the fan favorite quarterback is still one of the most fondly remembered Longhorns to ever suit up in the Burnt Orange.

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