Friday, August 31, 2007

Selvin Young Impresses Broncos

When Selvin Young hit the 40 Acres, many thought he was talented enough to press Cedric Benson for the starting running back job. And indeed, Selvin performed well enough his freshman year to split time with El Ced. Unfortunately, Young was somewhat injury prone, and even though he finished a strong career at Texas, you just kinda felt like we didn't get to see Selvin at his best.

Well, wait no more. The undrafted, free agent rookie has not only made the Denver Bronco roster, but a strong pre-season has landed him the back up role. It's really an incredible story and everyone is proud of Selvin for working his butt off and never giving up. And honestly, Denver does seem to always find a back out of nowhere that becomes an offensive star. With the way the Broncos run the ball, Young could easily go for over 500 yards this year. Hook'em!

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