Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The "All-Mack" Team

The Austin American Statesman has come out with the top players during Mack's tenure here at Texas. I can't say that I disagree with any of the selections, but there are several things that stick out. First, is the ridiculously stacked list of defensive backs. Every single one of them has seen time in the NFL. Another is that Roy Williams is the only WR that made it out of the "Big 3" (Williams, B.J. Johnson and Sloan Thomas). And Chris Simms, from the same recruiting class as the Big 3, is not included either. Lastly, is the (other than D.J.) weak corps of linebackers Mack has produced so far. While Reed Boyd had a decent career at UT, I doubt anyone would think of him as elite. But otherwise, Mack has put together a nice little run while at Texas, if I do say so.


Position First team Second team
Quarterback Vince Young (2003-05) Major Applewhite (1998-01)
Running back Ricky Williams (1998) Hodges Mitchell (1998-00)
Running back Cedric Benson (2001-04) Jamaal Charles (2005-pres.)
Wide receiver Roy Williams (2000-03) Kwame Cavil (1998-99)
Wide receiver Wane McGarity (1998) Limas Sweed (2003-pres.)
Tight end David Thomas (2002-05) Bo Scaife (1999-04)
Tackle Leonard Davis (1998-2000) Jonathan Scott (2001-05)
Tackle Mike Williams (1998-01) Jay Humphrey (1998)
Guard Derrick Dockery (1999-02) Kasey Studdard (2002-06)
Guard Justin Blalock (2002-06) Ben Adams (1998)
Center Lyle Sendlein (2002-06) Russell Gaskamp (1998)


Position First team Second team
End Aaron Humphrey (1998-00) Tim Crowder (2003-06)
End Cory Redding (1999-02) Brian Robison (2002-06)
Tackle Casey Hampton (1998-00) Marcus Tubbs (1999-03)
Tackle Shaun Rogers (1998-2000) Rod Wright (2002-05)
Linebacker Derrick Johnson (2001-04) Aaron Harris (2002-05)
Linebacker D.D. Lewis (1998-01) Anthony Hicks (1998-99)
Linebacker Dusty Renfro (1998) Reed Boyd (2000-03)
Defensive back Michael Huff (2001-05) Michael Griffin (2003-06)
Defensive back Quentin Jammer (1998-01) Rod Babers (1999-02)
Defensive back Nathan Vasher (2000-03) Cedric Griffin (2001-05)
Defensive back Aaron Ross (2003-06) Ahmad Brooks (1998-01)


Position First team Second team
Kicker Kris Stockton (1998-00) Dusty Mangum (2001-04)
Punter Ryan Long (1998-00) Richmond McGee (2002-05)
Returner Nathan Vasher (2000-03) Aaron Ross (2003-06)

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