Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Notes from the beach...

Don't go to law school.

They'll make you take a 3-hr test on a Friday during March Madness that encompasses the entire Texas-Stanford game. The dv-r is set. If anyone even dares to attempt to ruin this for me, they will suffer. Long and drawn out suffering.

Personally, and I might be biased, but I think that if Texas can get by the match-up problems with the Lopez twins, they can get by anyone.

Also, let's all hope that the brown suit Rick Barnes pulled out during the Big XII championship game is locked up somewhere. I don't know what he was thinking and I really did not approve.

I'm really glad Gary Johnson is back in the game. His energy and play is crucial to a deep run in the tournament.

Can anyone else comprehend the ESPN poll about the NCAA tournament where 45.6% of respondents think Michigan State will win the championship? Now as a former pollster, I know there are a plethora of scientific issues with this free for all internet poll, but really? With 16 teams left in this tournament 45.6% think MSU will win? I wonder if the state of Michigan is just on a voting kick leftover from the presidential primaries... Do they realize that this time their votes don't actually count? Really, my mind is blown here.

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