Monday, May 14, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

For the past year, my life has been full of disappointments. Seriously. I can claim no current NCAA championship. The Dallas pro-sports world has forced me to suffer letdown after letdown. It is downright unacceptable. After a fantastic run of quality years being a sports fan, I cannot remember a more disappointing, unsuccessful year.

UT: 0 current championships & disappointing finishes to both the football and basketball seasons, Cowboys: 1 unforgettable bobbled snap, Mavs: 1 embarrassing bounce from the playoffs, Rangers: it's only May and I'm pretty sure they're already eliminated from playoff contention. Okay sure, the Rangers have never had any success (those 2 years they made the playoffs only to see Bernie Williams roundhouse kick them in the face were just embarrassing) and the Mavs, up until last year making the NBA finals were always a source of shame. But even when the Mavs were celebrating to hit double digits in the win column by the end of the season, I was able to keep a positive outlook because the Cowboys were busy winning Super Bowls.

In my past, when teams have been in a run of bad luck, another was always there to save the day. So, in the early 90's when David McWilliams and John Makovic were busy being awful, the Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson (In my head somehow, I give Jimmy the credit for Barry Switzer's Super Bowl win... I can't explain it, just go with it) flew in and acted as heroes. Then came the Dallas Stars. Now, I don't even like hockey, but when a team is as successful as they were in the latter half of the 90's, I'll take it. (And so what if Brett Hull was in the crease? It's the call the ref made, can't blame the Stars for taking what was given to them...). Then it was UT's turn to take over, with baseball getting a couple, men's swimming & diving winning 3 straight National Championships, Final Four appearances in the same year for both men's and women's basketball, and to be topped off with 2 straight Rose Bowl wins, with the second bringing in the first football national championship of my lifetime.... It's been quite a run.

But now here we are, with nothing to brag about at the moment. And where do we look? UT football will be good next year, but will it be good enough? And without Kevin Durant, what scoring options does Rick Barnes have? You have to score to win ball games, not sure if what's left of the Horns realizes that... How much will the Cowboys fall without Bill Parcell? I foresee Terrell Owens imploding under his new leadership and bringing Tony Romo with him... The Mavs look helpless after this last disappointment. I love Avery Johnson, but I think the Mavs are just cursed. Is Dirk the kind of player that can lead a team to a title? I'm becoming more and more doubtful every day, he just doesn't have it. And the Rangers....well.... we all know how that looks...

So I sit here, with a cloud of doubt over my head. When will the next success, the next moment to boast come? I think this is why I despise Florida right now. They've stolen our success. Not only UF, but they have the current NBA championship (granted they'll lose that title soon, but that's beside the point. It's still theirs to boast upon til its passed on), I think there is some sort of hockey success going on down there recently (but does that really count? debatable...). That's supposed to be Texas. Those jerks.

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blue skies willie said...

Yeah, you're spoiled!You don't even count the Big 12 champs in BB. It's time to get your Omaha tickets! Catch on to the rocket ride with Suttle, Russell, Alaniz and Augie! Will it be three titles this decade this early? A top 15 recruiting class by Barnes with the Euro point guard to help DJ. How does Colt/Heisman, Heisman/Colt sound!!? Great either way. Another 20 or so signees already lined up by Mack et al for next Feb! And a super bowl to Dallas!! It's just a lull. And Dirk really, really needs a point guard. Didn't they have one...Nash or something? or was it Kidd???