Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bobby Petrino... Pig Sooey!!!!!!

Well, that has to have been one of the fastest NFL coaching careers of all time. Bobby Petrino officially made it 13 games into his professional coaching career before deciding to head back to the college ranks. Not that I can blame him. Is this really what he signed up for? The Falcons are 3-10, their star QB is in jail for 2 years for dog fighting, he was embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the New Orleans Saints, etc...

So good bye Atlanta Falcons, hello Arkansas Razorbacks! I mean, the situation in Atlanta was bad, but you just voluntarily agreed to spend all you time in Arkansas with a bunch of hog lovers. Did you not see how fast it took for Houston Nutt to get the hell out of Fayetville? I think it was literally 47 minutes after the Razorbacks last game.

Here is a video representation of Bobby's life for quite a while.... [shudder]

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